Web Design & Development

Not All Websites Are Created Equally

It's no longer enough for a website just to exist. It must be fast, beautiful, easy-to-use, accessible across different web browsers and devices, and have a clear, but persuasive message. On top of all that, your website has to fit your unique branding. The cookie-cutter approach to websites is an epidemic that doesn't drive results; a website is not one-size-fits-all. Garett® will help you create an original online presence that will impress your customers and outclass your competitors.

Responsive Web Design & Development Services

Responsive Web Design & Development

Every modern entrepreneur knows a website is a must for branding and online presence. In today's world anyone can "make a website", but to create an online platform that is researched to hit your brand's specific goals; one that looks stunning and is functional on every device it's viewed on? That's by-far a rarity that Garett® can provide for your brand to stand out amongst the competition.

WordPress Web Design & Development Services

WordPress Design & Development

I've been using the system that WordPress originates from (b2/cafelog) since before it was even given that name. WordPress is the most flexible content management system in the world. It allows me to build a custom responsive website for your brand, while giving you the ability to update copy, blog, sell products, review support tickets, and build communities. Garett® can not only build new websites, but extend your existing one to better serve your customers.

Landing Page Opt-in Page Design & Development Services

Landing Page / Opt-in Design & Development

Building a landing page that persuades people to opt-in with their email address is the most overlooked strategy of an online business. People often think it's too complicated, too stressful, and too much work for little results. However, using proven design and copy techniques to create credibility, focus, and desire, you can revolutionize your sales. Garett® can design a landing page and write copy for it that emphasizes your offering and compels a user to opt-in or buy.

WordPress Security & SEO Design & Development Services

Security & SEO Analysis

The biggest nightmare of any online business is getting your website hacked or even worse, blacklisted from Google. In fact, you want the opposite - everyone to see your website at the top of a Google search. Luckily, there are many precautions we can take to avoid getting hacked in the first place. Garett® can review your WordPress-based website and correct security holes in order to prevent trespassers. Garett® can also set up your website's SEO so that Google will be inclined to rank you for specific keywords.

Why Choose Garett for Web Design & Development Services

Why Work With Me?

In my 15+ years of web-design experience, I have designed for both small niche blogs and massive startup platforms. I'm determined to create great web experiences that help transform businesses into viable brands. I truly believe the difference I can make by doing so can shape the world into a better place - hoping the businesses I help build can unite people to stand together.

My Straight-Forward Process



Garett® will help you establish your brand's online presence by utilizing your goals and studying your competitors to discover what will set you apart from them.



Garett® will 15 years of design experience and the goals we've determined through my research to execute a beautiful, functional website that relates to your customers needs.



Garett® will walk you through launching your new website and how to make the most of it. Together we will measure the progress of our goals and set new ones after achieving success.

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