So What Exactly is Branding?

Branding is how your business walks, talks, and acts. It's the visualization of your mission. It's the craftsmanship in your products. It's even the support you provide your customers. Garett® will help you design and establish a powerful brand customers will love.

Logo & Identity System Design Services

Logo & Identity Systems

While a logo isn't your whole brand, it's the first element the world will see. When you invest in a professional logo, customers can tell the difference. It's one of the most important components to successful branding. Here's the million dollar question; if you aren't investing in your own brand, why should a customer? Garett® will study your mission and core values in order to develop a memorable and eye-catching logo that resonates with you and your target audience. Then, I'll create identity systems for them to be used in different instances according to guidelines.

Brand Guidelines & Asset Design Services

Branding Guidelines & Assets

The key to a recognizable brand is consistency - websites, flyers, shirts - they all need to fit your business' character. Branding guidelines set standards for your brand's visuals and audience interaction so that there isn't any confusion on how to best represent your brand. Whether it's your latest ebook or a billboard featuring your logo, Garett® can help you set guidelines and stick to them - never again will your logo be missized or used with incorrect colors.

Design & Marketing Strategies Services

Design & Marketing Strategies

A unique selling proposition is necessary today with so much online chatter at any given minute. So, why fit in when you can stand out? Garett® can implement strategies that not only influence customers, but look good doing it. While every business is busy trying get a slice, together we can figure out how to steal the whole pie from under the nose of your competition.

Personal Brand Coaching & Consulting Services

Personal Brand Coaching

Sometimes you just need an experienced partner to brainstorm ideas, walk you through the tough times, or give you the one-on-one guidance you need to grow your brand's visibility. Whether you're trying to move into six figure territory or just starting out, Garett® can be the coach who will push you for actionable results.

Why Choose Garett for Branding & Logo Design Services

Why Work With Me?

I've helped establish brands for businesses all over the world from startups in Scotland, to local businesses in my hometown of Long Island, New York. More importantly, I have an unwavering passion to create meaningful design that builds communities. I believe in making a difference with my craft, helping a family transform their business so their little girl can take art lessons, or that a son could finally afford to buy his mother the home she deserves.

My Straight-Forward Process



Garett® will identify your brand's personality, research your industry, and study your competition to discover what will make you stand out amongst the crowd.



Garett® will execute game-changing branding for your business based on my research and our overall goals using my 15 years of design experience and passion.



Garett® will guide you through launching the elements we've created for your brand. Together we will measure the progress of our goals and set new ones after achieving success.

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