3 Brands Killing It on Twitter & What You Can Learn From Them

There are almost 500 million tweets sent out daily. Most of those tweets come from brands hoping to woo you in when instead they end up being either inappropriate, overly self-involved, or down right boring. Every so often though comes brands that are so in tune with their audience, they create loyal customers. Here I will highlight three brands killing it on Twitter and what your brand can learn from them.

What’s really the key to being successful on Twitter? Spoiler: it’s not about sending out 30 tweets a day, paying for ads, or even having hundreds of thousands of followers. It’s debatable that those things even help, but true success is about connecting with your audience (read: your potential customers) and building relationships with them. These three brands killing it on Twitter are doing so because of the different ways they interact with their audience.


Whataburger is a popular fast food chain located in the southern states of the U.S.

Right now there are actually quite a few fast food chains killing it on social media, but this happens to be one of my favorites. Whether it’s a current pop culture topic, viral meme, witty comebacks, or clever puns, Whataburger is absolutely entertaining.

Here are some of Whataburger‘s greatest Twitter moments;

Employee Appreciation

What makes this great is that they used the ever so popular “X gets thousands of retweets, how many retweets can we get for X” formula to celebrate their own employees. At a time where fast food employees are being put down and insulted during the fight for $15 minimum wage, Whataburger stepped in to show their appreciation. Tying into a popular trend, celebrating your own employees, plus promoting your business in one tweet? That’s Twitter success.

All Aboard The Meme Train

The “oh no baby, what is you doing?” meme is easily one of the most popular memes of early 2017. Brands have been forcing themselves into memes for a while now, but Whataburger doesn’t try too hard. They wait for memes that fit into their message and then use them to their advantage.

Chicken Fingers turn to Twitter Fingers

This is one of my favorite tweets from Whataburger. The whole Drake vs. Meek Mill rap beef had Twitter fired up for weeks in 2015. Cleverly, Whataburger took Drake’s heavily quoted line from his song Back to Back and flipped it to “Chicken fingers turn to Twitter fingers.” Saying that their chicken fingers are so good that you’ll run to Twitter to tweet about them – genius!

What you can learn from Whataburger?

Adapt to what your target audience is currently talking about and get involved.

Adapt to what your target audience is currently talking about and get involved.Click To Tweet

Whataburger uses laughter and jokes that pertain to pop culture, it works for them and their audience. For a more serious brand, perhaps get involved in trending topics for causes you support, holidays, or anything that matters to your audience with your own commentary. What matters to your audience and how can you get involved?


Buffer is a social media scheduling tool that helps keep a queue of social media posts to go out at optimal times and track your results.

Buffer’s content has always been top-notch. My favorite thing about their brand is their transparency and willingness to help. Their Twitter feed personifies those qualities in an authentic way.

Here are some of Buffer‘s greatest Twitter moments;

Using Data to Help

Buffer uses the analytics they collect for good and to benefit of others. Their content is just always so good and they make sure they push it through Twitter where most of their users are.

Unrelatedly Related Content

Buffer actually cares about their audience. They created an infographic and a whole article to show the self-improvement benefit that reading fiction provides. What I really love about this is that Buffer has nothing to really gain here. Sure, it’s great content and is marketed, but honestly what does Buffer really gain here? Nothing. This is just part of Buffer’s values and brand to “do the right thing” by their customers and fans alike.

Spectacular Customer Support

Buffer has an extremely active team that’s always reaching out to not only customers, but simply people that follow or mention them on Twitter. Whether it’s questions about their service, comments on their articles, or even those who frequently share their content, Buffer always gets back to them. This is an extremely valuable trait to have as a brand.

What you can learn from Buffer?

Always engage your audience and share content that represents your brand’s values. It shows authenticity.

Always engage your audience and share content that represents your brand's values.Click To Tweet

Buffer’s shining moments come when they are authentic to their brand’s values on Twitter. They believe in being open and transparent, so much so that they list their salaries and internal analytics with the public. They believe in gratitude so they show their customers appreciation with helpful content. What are your brand’s values and how can you show them to your audience?

Note: I do use and pay for Buffer myself. I am not being paid to mention them nor have an affiliate link to them.


Delta is a popular U.S. airline that’s focused on customer service.

What makes Delta great is their dedication to their customers (and employees). From customer success, to fighting for rights, to the occasional knock on a competitor treating fliers poorly.

Here are some of Delta‘s greatest Twitter moments;

Fly In Comfort

In the wake of United Airlines ridiculous legging controversy, Delta wanted to make sure that fliers knew they don’t care how someone wants to dress, only comfort matters. I’m truly surprised that Delta (and the bigger competition) didn’t touch on the United Airlines’ latest disasters.

Fighting For Customers

I’ve talked about my joy for brands using their platforms for good in the past, but Delta puts their money where their mouth is. Not only promoting a cause they (and we all should) believe in, but leading by example.

Customer Success is Their Success Too

Priding themselves on customer success, Delta tells the story of how they helped the Nigerian soccer team make it to the 2016 Summer Olympics. They also have thousands of tweets helping customers with better seating accommodations and problems. Delta understands that a customer’s success is also their own success. That’s a lesson we all need to realize.

What you can learn from Delta?

Your audience is important and you need to make them feel that way.

Your audience is important and you need to make them feel that way.Click To Tweet

Delta does it by showing it’s affinity for customer service and success. They show that they care about topics that affect their customers like equal pay and National Coming Out Day. Celebrate and cater to your audience. Why do you appreciate your audience and how can you make them feel important?

These are three brands I believe are currently killing it on Twitter. What brands do you think are doing a great job? Let me know on Twitter (@GarettCreative).

Garett Southerton

For over 15 years Garett has been helping brand businesses and individuals through digital platforms including websites, visuals, and marketing strategies.

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