2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends

The most popular design trends eventually trickle down into branding, convincing some brands to even adopt a trend as their whole identity style. The cornerstone of visual branding, logos, are usually the biggest element to adopt a trend during a rebrand. This article discusses 7 of the most popular 2017 logo design trends.

This article isn’t based on predictions or just what I like personally, but by what logo trends I have seen dominating so far in 2017. To the best of my knowledge, every example logo in this article was officially released in 2017.

Handcrafted Logos

The handcrafted logo trend has continued into 2017. Handcrafted logos typically resemble handwriting, script, or contain hand drawn elements within the logo mark. Most handcrafted logos give brands the perception of premium and custom since they’re unique and fresh looking.

Tough Mary's Bakehouse - 2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends
The Tough Mary’s Bakehouse logo (credit to Paul Atchison) is a beautifully hand drawn script that makes me think of freshly baked goodies. Handcrafted scripts are always a winner to represent elegance and attention to detail.

Pop-A-Shot - 2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends
The classic childhood game, Pop-A-Shot, had a recent rebranding that fits in line with their product. The minimal basketball logo has a rough marker texture as if a teenager did it with a sharpie – clearly their target audience.

Creative Sub Marks

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, sub marks are essentially short versions of a primary logo often used in small spaces or to prevent overuse. Recently, brand designers have been adding a little extra flair to short logos to make them stand out and catch the attention of many.

Andertons - 2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends
The new Andertons logo nails the handcrafted style to begin with, but their sub marks are so drool-worthy I wish I would’ve designed them myself. The sub marks represent their four departments and have an element from each minimally inserted into an “A” using negative spacing. My favorite is the keyboard department sub mark.

Simplified Rebranding

Rebranding usually happens when a business feels their current image is getting stale or outdated. The latest trend in rebrands happens to be scaling back logos and designs to be more minimalistic. This is a welcomed change for some brands that have overly complicated or cluttered logos.

McAfee - 2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends
McAfee has had confusing last couple of years since they were acquired by Intel. Intel rebranded the company to Intel Security while mixing elements of Intel brand style with McAfee’s shield – so confusing. Well now that they’re reverting back to McAfee and getting a new minimalistic version of their original shield logo. It’s a smart move from Intel as the new logo looks super fresh.

NASCAR - 2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends
NASCAR’s old logo was plagued with an odd gradient and awkward letter-spacing. The redesign brings new typeface that’s cleaner, but still maintains the recognizable elements of their identity. They also decided to limit their color palette and remove it from behind the typeface. This is a rebrand that’s subtle to the casual viewer, but fantastic and modern looking.

Line Art Logos

Line art has been a popular icon style for a while now that you mostly see on websites. The line art trend has hit logos and it looks clean and minimalistic. Line art looks great for brands that are high energy and interactive with their audience.

Flyrite - 2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends
Flyrite choose to pair a sharp typeface with a minimal line art illustration of a chicken (their main dish). As a restaurant dedicated to fresh and healthier ingredients, it shows why their logo is much cleaner than their competition.

Metaphoric Design

Metaphoric design is when you use elements within a design that describe it. When metaphoric design is used in logos it can sometimes be dull looking, other times it could look really cool and show your audience what your brand.

Mozilla - 2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends
As most may know, Mozilla makes a popular web browser named Firefox. With their rebrand they decided to make the “ill” in their typeface represent the “://” (as in “http://”). Mozilla was met with a lot of backlash when they announced this new logo. In their defense, I love this concept, but I do believe it could have been executed much better.

Alcanzia - 2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends
Alcanzia is an energy company based in Spain that rebranded with a clever metaphoric logo. Their logo mark is a toggle switch set to “on” similar to what you’d see in an app. Basically, Alcanzia is saying you can “turn on” your lights with their company. It’s a clever and cute use of metaphoric design.

Flat Logos

We all know since the fall of skeuomorphism that flat design has reigned king. Well flat design isn’t going anywhere any time soon it seems. The use of smooth lines, simple color palettes, and open space that mesh perfectly is just so damn appealing.

Minnesota Timberwolves - 2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends
The Minnesota Timberwolves announced a new badge logo for the 2017-2018 season that just oozes of flat design greatness. It’s attractive, smooth, and the colors pop perfectly – it’ll look great on jerseys and the court.

Vibrant Color Schemes

Finishing it off is a newer trend we’re seeing in logos, vibrant color schemes. These logos can vary in style and shape, but all use a simplified two to three color palette that pops off the screen and draws you in.

Waymo - 2017 Most Popular Logo Design Trends
Waymo, previously known as Google’s self-driving car, introduced their logo which features an odd pairing of green and blue that works wonderfully. It’s a solid identity by Google as you would expect.

Which of these 2017 logo design trends is your favorite? Let me know on Twitter (@GarettCreative)!

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